Monica’s artisan workshop

Monica Premoli is a craft jewellery maker moved by passion for the details that are the real key-stone of an amazing collection of strictly unique pieces. In her shop, Monica makes no mere fashion accessories.
She fosters and grows a new concept of hand-crafting costume jewellery, accurately designing each single piece that makes up her custom jewellery creations for women.
Her necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms and rings evidence her rich imagination. Her forging technique is unique and unrepeatable, and she completely sets to make jewellery tailored in her customer.
Opaque ruby, agate, chrysoprase, amethyst, and carnelian are just some of the natural stones she sets with filigree to obtain chains and small, high-quality trims that take shape and become tiny masterworks.
By following fashion, colours and trends, Monica combines her crafting skills with a creative mind and can renovate her broad range of products form one season to the other.

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